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Wireless Network Optimization & Deployment:
We help you address areas of risk and plan for expansion and growth.
Network Health Assessment, Architecture & Design
Network Analysis and Tuning
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Wireless LAN Professional Services
Wireless Privacy - Full support for 802.11i, WPA, and WPA2.
Authentication - Strong authentication using 802.1X with RADIUS, Active Directory or Open LDAP. Captive Web Portal authentication and MAC authentication.
Private PSK - Our unique feature adds enterprise-class security and management to pre-shared keys.
Client Management and NAC - Interoperability with all major client management, NAC, and in-line security solutions within the enterprise.
Identity-Based Access Control - In-line policy enforcement with strong role-based state full inspection firewall and access control.
Network Firewall and Intrusion Detection and Protection - Segmentation of traffic based upon user role and stance without breaking the existing wired IPS and firewall systems in place. In fact, Access Point recommends leveraging those resources to improve the security of the wireless traffic.
Rogue Detection and WIPS - Wireless DoS detection and prevention and wireless IPS for rogue detection, intrusion prevention and compliance monitoring.
Security Reporting and Security Event Management (SEM) - Complete wireless reporting within Hive Manager and support for third-party event management.
Device Physical Security and Data Storage - Strong device security including a TPM chip for secure key and configuration storage and physical locking mechanisms to deter theft.
Compliance - Solutions for deployments in HIPAA, SOX and PCI compliant networks among others.

Access points are built to be secure. Every feature within the product goes through a thorough internal examination to help eliminate vulnerabilities during design, and then during quality assurance, it is scanned for vulnerabilities. When vulnerabilities are found they are fixed with the highest priority. Access Point has a policy of public disclosure of security vulnerabilities that includes a security alert system to notify customers as quickly as possible of vulnerabilities and the steps required to eliminate the vulnerability.

In addition to building secure products, Access Point offers a rich set of security features including:

The Wireless LAN (WLAN) market has been a continued trend in enterprises for providing ubiquitous wireless access to help improve operating efficiencies and user productivity, coupled with the final ratification of the high-performance of 802.11n standard. For customers that are looking to either add or upgrade WLAN services to their network, Netcare Solutions can provide full end-to-end support through the Wireless LAN suite of professional services and core Netcare Solutions products. A successful implementation begins with the initial assessment stage which includes both planning and designing, to the actual implementation of the wireless local area network, to occasional optimization and/or ongoing management of wireless local area network services. Our WLAN Professional Services consist of WLAN Assessment, WLAN Implementation and WLAN Optimization.