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Research shows that students who stay connected are more productive, irrespective of wherever they are in the campus. Many institutions realize that they can save costs and increase productivity by implementing secure, controlled-access wireless network solutions in their campuses.

The network, which is responsible for all wireless access on campus, as well as a majority of the Ethernet ports available to students in locations like the library and the Student Center, has expanded rapidly both in terms of the number of users and its coverage area, and has developed into a key service for the campus. One of the reasons for the increased number of users has been the proliferation of Wi-Fi-enabled devices on campus. Wi-Fi, the popular generic term used to describe the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' 802.11 b/g/n standards for wireless internet access, has found increasing support throughout all over the country.

Students have taken advantage of the increased network availability. This coverage has made laptops an increasingly attractive and practical option for many students. Laptops have several advantages over desktop computers. Student can easily take laptop to their hostel or home with them or to the College of campus where they can work as well.

Enterprise deployments
Large Hospitality networks
Small municipality and other metro-area deployments

Netcare offers upgrade services that allow customers to migrate their existing Campus Bundles to a full-scale with secure authenticated campus Wireless solution.

Key Benefits of Educational Campus Wi-Fi Solution:

Staff Access: Secure, convenient wireless Internet access for staff & employees from anywhere in the campus, authenticated against employee databases.

Student Access: Students can access high speed secured internet anywhere in the campus.

Visitor Access: Visitors visiting these corporate campuses are allowed to use the Wi-Fi service in their campus through a structured, enterprise-regulated registration process.

Service Provider class solution in an enterprise scale appliance.